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A playlist of jams that are getting the band psyched for their upcoming Boys of Zummer tour.

- Dropped 1 day ago


- Dropped 4 days ago

In our final video, we ask the guys: How would the 2001 version Fall Out Boy look at today's reincarnation?

- Dropped 5 days ago

Check out a selection of recent candid photos from backstage.

- Dropped 7 days ago

In our second video, the band discuss how it feels to hear the anthemic "Centuries" in the context of high-octane sporting events.

- Dropped 8 days ago

In this segment, the band discusses the short gap between the American Beauty/American Psycho and its predecessor, Save Rock and Roll.

- Dropped 13 days ago

A playlist of inspirations for American Beauty/American Psycho.

- Dropped 13 days ago